Trinhydral Water Filter

Trinhydral’s Mobile
Water Purifier & Storage Unit

Trinhydral is currently developing a mobile modular water filtration unit. This filter process, that’s built in, will purify nearly any nearby water source. Once the water is pumped through using the built in pump mechanism, it is stored in the water storage compartment – that’s also built in. This unit will have straps to be easily carried as like a backpack. 

When creating this product, we had it in mind for people or families to be living off of it, this product targeted, yet not limited, towards developing countries. Realistically, we know many people in these countries will not be able to afford to buy our product so we plan on selling to nonprofits – over 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. alone – and governments to provide these units. The goal is to sell these devices in bulk to provide to those who are in need


Mobile hand pump water purifier unit
– Filter out viruses, bacterias, sediments, and more!
– Filters estimated to last up to 5 years
– Carried as like a backpack
– Each part is design to be modular and easily replaceable
– Holds up to 10 – 30 liters of purified water storage (variety of sizes)
– Only requires the user to only pump (No Electricity) 
– Customizes the filters used and order to best suit your need

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