About Us

How we got started?

Raised in Flint, Michigan, Malik Jackson founded Trinhydral in 2017 while studying at Michigan State University. Trinhydral is a clean water solution firm that brings sustainable innovations to marketplaces through transforming water problems into water services and products. The solutions, tractions and momentum couldn’t have been possible without the thanks of Michigan State University Student Incubator, the Hatch.

Due to the Water Crisis in Flint, we started searching into effective solutions with a mission to help anyone tap into this potential of getting clean water. Our passion at Trinhydral is to develop and deliver sustainable innovative solutions that make the world a better place. At Trinhydral, we have transformed water treatment with our creative edge approach to water.

What our goal is?

Trinhydral’s goal is to give clean water to everyone and create innovative programs. solutions, and products that support sustainable means of getting clean drinkable water. We always focus on supplying clean water to those who are in need, no matter the situation. 

Trinhydral wants to reach anyone and everyone with our solutions, even if you are from places in developed countries or developing countries. We do everything from engineering services, to marketing services, and much more to create business models and devices to allow anyone to have clean water. We want to provide access to safe, clean, and reliable water all over the world.

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